Art of Living: Growing your own food

Growing your own food is considered as one of the most sacred art forms of mankind. It is an art form passed down from our farming ancestors to us. By nature, it is a basic instinct; with some effort you too can start off your own farm/kitchen garden. And when you opt to start off your own kitchen garden/farm you take back control of your food ecosystem. After all home grown food are the safest products on the planet.

You can start growing plants in small pots and gradually increase to a full kitchen garden. Gardening/farming is regarded as one of the most engaging activity, it requires a lot of dedication and patience. After all art requires patience, so be sure to sit back and enjoy as nature unfurls herself. Farming/gardening will not only add food value but also enrich your lifestyle and build personal character.

However, this ancestral art form is slowly dying in the urban cities. It has no room in this fast track digital world of ours. With time it will be forgotten by urban population, unless we preserve it. In an attempt to preserve the farmer within us and provide quality food to urban population we are happy to introduce Micro-farms.

Micro-farms are small farms of 350 to 600 sq. ft. where you can grow you own chemical free food. Think of these farms as remote kitchen gardens. Micro-farms can be rented by customers on monthly subscription basis. Our esteem farmers will collaborate with you on field and take care of crops in your absence. The farms are only one to two Hrs drive from the city. You can choose to manage your micro-farm on field or from the comfort of your home. We also provide home delivery services when crops are ready.

We believe micro-farms will change the way how customer perceive agriculture and food. Our aim is to increase transparency to the food ecosystem, connect farmers & customers, to build trust among all stake holders and awaken the farmer within all of us!

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