Subscription and reimbursement policy

30 Days Trail Period:

  1. A 600 sq. ft. micro-farm will be allocated for the trail period.
  2. The crops will be selected by Agro Origin. The crop list will be provided before hand.
  3. Trial subscription start from the date of sowing of 1st seed/plant. Customers will be notified prior to that.
  4. Customers will have 5 days to start off their trail subscription from the date of registration.
  5. Trial subscription covers soil preparation, de-weeding, security and farm visit. However, it does not cover crop harvest and delivery.
  6. If the customers want to harvest crops during the trial period, customers will have to subscribe to our micro-farms.
  7. At the end of 30 days trail period, customers will have 24 hours to select a subscription plan. In the event of failure to subscribe, the customer will lose all rights to own the micro-farm.
  8. Customers can choose to leave the trail period whenever they wish. No additional fees will be charged for leaving the trial period.
  9. Agro Origin team reserves the rights to dismiss customers during the trial period if customers don’t adhere to the T&Cs. Customers will be notified prior to action.

Subscription Policy:

  1. Subscription is on a month to months. Subscription start from the point of first delivery date. It is ideal to apply for the subscription at the beginning of a season.
  2. Subscription plan will include the following: Soil Preparation, Farm management, Weekly Farm Update, Seed Starter Pack, Remote Management, Harvest and Weekly Delivery (5 Deliveries/Month)
  3. Subscription plan is on pre-paid basis, customers are liable to pay their monthly subscription fee before the beginning of the month.
  4. Customers who are unable to pay their subscription fees on time will lose all privileges of our services.They will be given 5 days to clear off their dues, if they are unable to pay by then their farms will be put on hold and Agro Origin reserves the right to rent that farm for new customers. 
  5. Customers have the liberty to discontinue their subscription any time on fifteen (15) days written notice to Agro Origin. For reimbursement policy please see below.

Reimbursement Policy:

  1. Customers will not be reimbursed in case of Act of God, for e.g. – storm, earthquake, flood etc. or in case of pest or insect epidemic.
  2. Customers will be reimbursed if any case of theft or damage arises due to the ignorance of the farmer.
  3. All reimbursements will be made after an investigation of the micro-farm. Reimbursement will be made within 5 business days.