Urban Farming: An Urban Lifestyle!

Do you have an unused rooftop space/lawn? Yes? What if we told you that, you can turn your bleak balcony/lawn into a lively living space in just two months! We transformed ours, in just two months we transformed our nominal kitchen garden into a flourishing vegetable-flower garden. The change is overwhelming!

Urban farming is a lifestyle every urban dweller can and should indulge himself/herself with. It’s a lifestyle that most of the urban dwellers are missing out on. Urban farming not only lets you utilize your unused spaces but also brings to you the joy of growing your own plants.

Moreover, urban dwellers have constantly moved away from nature to concrete jungles; we believe that urban farming will help them reconnect with mother nature. It will bring them new perspectives to their daily lives.

Spinach saplings

When we started our urban rooftop garden we started it as a side experiment. But as time passed, we realized that urban farming is a life enriching experience. It has in many ways changed our perspective on life. Here are some of the benefits of urban farming that will motivate you or your community to start off an urban farm/garden.

  1. Create lively living spaces: With urban farming, unused rooftop spaces/lawns can be used to create lively living spaces for you or for your community. The rooftop garden at our place hosts a variety of beautiful butterflies, ladybugs, bees and birds. Early mornings are the best time to meet our little guests.
    Hosting bees
  2. Brings you closure to nature: Urban dwellers have very less idea on how nature actually works. We believe that urban farming can help them reconnect with nature. It’s a life enriching experience one mustn’t miss out on.
    Home grown Pak Choi
  3. Provides healthy fresh products: What can be more joyful than growing your own food. Growing and eating your own food is a luxury only a few know of. Moreover, home-grown food have higher food security than products available in the market. And it’s always a good practice to have fresh home grown food.
    Fresh Greens
  4. Environment friendly: Apart from aesthetics and health benefits urban farms can help us to preserve the environment. Greenery from urban farms will help reduce urban island heat effect, keeping our cities cooler. With urban farms we can create self-sustainable households and communities; thus creating future smart cities.

These are some of the benefits that we think urban farming can provide us with. If you are new to urban farming/gardening and want to start off your own greens and flowers, we suggest you start off with something easy. Mint is one of the easiest herbs to grow both indoors and outdoors. Here is a DIY video to help you out How to Grow Mint at Home Fast n Easy”.

Follow the video instructions and start growing your own fresh mint. Let the urban revolution begin!

14Fresh Mint

*Video credits: Urban Gardening

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